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I started out in property in the mid 2000’s, back then we where marketing heavily using mainly direct mail. Over a period of a couple of a few short years my partners and I amassed a portfolio of £5m. But back then it was easy to get financing, now I use all I’ve learn’t in property to help others invest in good quality rental stock. whether that’s high yielding single let properties, HMO’s, blocks of flats or even commercial and mixed use. I love finding properties, maybe I love being nosey and looking into a lot of properties.
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Darren Lawes
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Story of my Highlights

As mentioned before I started in property in the early 2000’s building a personal portfolio  

Again I would have to say having kids other wise if the wife reads this I will get an earful!
However professionally property wise it would have to be buying 5 blocks of flats on a lease split deal and creating over £1m of equity in the process – all for 6 weeks work.

For me the most notable one is the one that opened my eyes to the potential of property and what I could do, so that would be my first flip, I think it was 2006 a guy I knew from a local networking meeting brought it to me as it was in my home town, I did the work and we sold it 2-3 months later for a £10k profit – not the biggest profit every but a profit none the less and this opened my eyes.

I love messing around at home with the kids in the Garden, I have chickens (have done since I was a kid) I absolutely love their personalities. I’m also learning to sail and am almost a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

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