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7 Bed HMO Wisbech Cambridgeshire, Generating £46800 Per Annum

Ready made deal in property Hot Spot – producing £46800 in gross rent per annum. HMO Wisbech Cambridgeshire Very healthy 21% ROI on cash in deal.Currently fully let – the tenants have been in occupation for about 2 years and love living together.Norwich Road, Wisbech, Cambridge shire.Purchase Price £325,000 – Price to Secure £5000 For […]

HMO regulations 2018 changes – what does it mean to you?

The HMO regulations 2018 changes and how they affect you as a landlord on October 1st 2018 the HMO regulation changed for the first time since 2010… There where 2 main changes to the regulations for HMO’s and 1 regarding section 21 notices (no fault eviction notice) that any landlord should be interested in. Certainly […]

What is a good rental yield when buying investment property?

What is a good rental yield when looking at rental property? Often property is advertised or sold to investors as “high yield property” Is this the only metric to consider when buying an investment property? Here’s what I have found over the years… There’s a big problem in the Buy To Let property sourcing market A […]

Are HMO’s( Health Maintenance Organization) saturated?

This post started life as a youtube video on my channel, the original video is below, enjoy I was talking to an investor recently. They are looking to buy a family property, such as a 3 bed and then going through a program of works to turn it into a multi-let or HMO with […]

Property investing and The Corona Virus Covid-19

In these up-precedented times there’s a lot of un-certainty. The financial markets have crashed, businesses are closing their doors, possibly the country will be on lock down by the weekend. It’s difficult to see any positives in this situation – however we will get through this, markets will recover and rebound. The big question is […]

101 Property Tips Book Rob Smallbone & Aaron Devoy

101 Property Tips Book – There’s a reason for this post apart from Rob’s book (revealed shortly) I’ve known Rob for a couple of years and he has just released his second property book 101 Property Tips. I’ve contributed to the book, as well as Susanna Cole, Tej Singh and many other property experts it’s a […]

Sourcing Property Deals – How To

Back when I started finding or sourcing property deals in the mid 2000’s there was really only a few ways to find properties, investors went to auctions or agents or they found their own – the latter was really appealing to me, at the time the main way of “getting the phone to ring” was […]