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7 Bed HMO Wisbech Cambridgeshire, Generating £46800 Per Annum

Ready made deal in property Hot Spot – producing £46800 in gross rent per annum. HMO Wisbech Cambridgeshire Very healthy 21% ROI on cash in deal.Currently fully let – the tenants have been in occupation for about 2 years and love living together.Norwich Road, Wisbech, Cambridge shire.Purchase Price £325,000 – Price to Secure £5000 For […]

Avoid These Mistakes When Buying From a Property Sourcer

The Problem With Buying Investment Property “Deals” From a Sourcer AKA Why I don’t sell “deals” anymore…  I’ve moved away from the transactional side of looking for and selling investment property deals all over the place. There are several problems with the traditional sourcing model that many “sourcers” employ.  Firstly selling “deals” is transactional and […]