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101 Property Tips Book – There’s a reason for this post apart from Rob’s book (revealed shortly)

I’ve known Rob for a couple of years and he has just
released his second property book 101 Property Tips.

I’ve contributed to the book, as well as Susanna Cole, Tej Singh and many other property experts it’s a really good read…

Get your copy here

I’ve just ordered my copy – here is the proof (I wouldn’t believe it either)

There’s a few of the tips that are closely related, some might say “repeated” these ones are the Gold — the tips that multiple experts class as their “top property tip”

Do yourself a favour and get the book!

I was just about to send out an email to my list about Rob’s book and I wrote in it that I had just ordered my copy (which I had) then I thought to myself

“if I was reading this I wouldn’t believe it” so I thought I would write this quick blog post so I could show you a screen shot of my order.

Should I have to do that? Not really but unfortunately property is one of those industries that attracts a “few rogues” so I think it’s even more important to back up your claims.

Like I said I’ve known Rob for a few years now, I first came across him when he posted a deal he was trying to sell on one of the Facebook groups.

I sold it for him – which lead to other properties and a few near misses.

Here’s the link to his book again 

101 Property Tips

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